Party Ideas

Having a HB Fundays Party is a fun way of gathering friends and family together.  You can create some great memories at an ice cream party. Here are some ideas for your ice cream party that we hope will help to make your party memorable. Most of these idea’s are not just for children, adults can let their hair down and be kids again!!

  • Have a competition among your guests to see who can eat their ice cream wafer the fastest


  • Include a table with fruits, chocolate sauce and toppings for people to create their own ice cream dessert


  • Take photos of your creations and share them with DSI via our social media channels.


  • Before your party, ask children that are involved to create posters. Children would be delighted to see their poster hanging on a wall at the party


  • Play an ice cream game: For example give your guests some food items, 2 mins and see what delicious desserts they can create.


  • Have a theme to the party: For example-come as your favourite superhero- don’t worry, this can be one for the adults too. You could have a Teddy Bears picnic, and everyone who attends, including adults have to bring a teddy!!


  • Ice Cream Race: Each person gets a bag of cotton balls, a plastic spoon, and a waffle bowl cone. Set the cone and bowl of cotton balls a few feet away depending on the length of the room. Have each person stand behind the bowl with a plastic spoon. On GO! each person must scoop up a cotton ball into their plastic spoon and run to drop the cotton into the waffle bowl as fast as they can! The first one to empty their entire bowl into their cone wins!


  • Spin the wheel Ice Cream Sundae: You create a wheel with different ice cream sundae ingredients- vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, nuts, cherries, sprinkles, sauce, jelly,sweets etc. Where ever the wheel lands, all participates have to include that item in their sundae. (If you don’t want to create a wheel, you can also Roll the dice.  Get a normal dice and assign an ingredient to each number)


  • Build an ice cream sundae blindfolded: Imagine the creations (and the mess!!)


  • Cherry on the bottom: Place a cherry (with the stalk) at the bottom of a bowl then fill the bowl with whipped cream. The players have to race to the bottom to get the cherry without using their hands! Prepare for a messy race.


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