Board of Directors

National President: Mary Doherty (Louth/Meath Branch)

     Mary Doherty (500x281)

National/Company Secretary: Margaret Carroll (Dublin Branch)











National Treasurer: Vacant



Regional Directors: Please see excerpt below for the Memo & Articles of Association as to how the Board of Directors is comprised*


Dublin Directors:

-Liam McLoughlin (Dublin Branch)

-Bridgette Keane (Dublin Branch)









Leinster Directors:

-Antoinette Dowling (Laois Branch)

-Michael Gorman (Laois Branch)

Michael Gorman (500x281)

Connaught/Ulster Directors:

-Eddie Grant (Donegal Branch)

Eddie Grant (500x281)

Munster Directors:

-John Upton (Waterford)

-Kevin Griffin (Kerry Branch)

Kevin Griffin (500x281)

*The Board of Directors shall have a maximum of eleven members to be constituted, in so far as practicable, as follows: the President of the Association, the Honorary Secretary of the Association, the Honorary Treasurer of the Association (hereinafter referred to as Officers or Officers of the Association) elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting, eight Directors elected from the Members of the National Council, two each to represent the regions of Leinster (excluding Dublin), Munster, Connaught/Ulster and Dublin*