Ability Programme – Fintan Bray

This is Fintan Bray, he is currently working in Clonabreany House Hotel in Kells, Co. Meath. Fintan secured his job through our Ability Programme which aims to secure meaningful paid employment for adults with Down syndrome.

We asked Fintans employer to give us some feedback on how he has integrated into his role at the hotel:

“Fintan meets and greets all of our wedding guests, he looks after our tea and coffee stations, helps with the setup and looks after guest during service.

The importance of a staff member acting as a Mentor to the person with Down syndrome – this is very important as it helps the person to engage and feel comfortable in the working environment, they can learn from this person and feel they can ask any questions or get advice.

I would encourage any organisation to work with Down Syndrome Ireland, I have had so many guests compliment us on Fintan. The staff work so well with him and they have learned a lot from Fintan.” 

When asked about his role – Fintan said:

“My favourite thing about working in Clonabreany is to meet and greet the guests. I am currently in charge of the tea and coffee station. I enjoy talking to the guests and asking them how they are liking the Clonabreany experience. When I am working in the tea and coffee station it feels like I’m working hard and am part of a team. The team makes me feel proud to a part of the Clonabreany family. When I am working there I don’t feel that I was born with Down Syndrome I’m just me a normal adult who wants to work hard and gain more experience.”

“Thank you, Aoife, Mike Egan and Mary O’Neill for interviewing me and giving me the chance to prove myself. All the staff welcomed me to the Clonabreany team. This job is the best opportunity I have been given for a long time. Its a dream come true to work in a wedding Venue. I love getting my payslip every week is good to get a bit of money to get clothes others things for yourself.”