About Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome Ireland provides information about Down syndrome. Down Syndrome Ireland provides support for people with Down syndrome and their families. Down Syndrome Ireland works hard to make sure that people with Down syndrome get the chance to live good lives. Down Syndrome Ireland helps adults with Down syndrome to learn about their rights as citizens of Ireland. Down Syndrome Ireland has a national office in Dublin and 26 local branches all around Ireland

We help people of all ages:

  • Early years
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • College
  • Jobs
  • Getting older

Local branches help families with early intervention, like speech therapy.


Adult Education courses for people with Down syndrome

Latch On is a two year literacy course for students with Down Syndrome. It was designed by the University of Queensland in Australia. On the course students practise their reading, writing and technology skills.

My Opinion, My Vote (MOTE) is a two year politics course.

It is a European Project that teaches students how to be active citizens. Students learn about their political rights and how their opinion, vote and involvement in politics matter.


How can you join us?

Down Syndrome Ireland helps members with things like education and finding work. Members help Down Syndrome Ireland by getting involved with campaigns and fundraising.


If you would like to become a member of Down Syndrome Ireland, contact us here.