Our Organisation

taglineDown Syndrome Ireland is a national voluntary organisation supporting people with Down syndrome and their families across the country.

Down Syndrome Ireland represents and supports 3,500 members through a professionally staffed national office and twenty-six local branches nationwide.

The National Office comprises of a Central Support Team, a Communications Team,  a Fundraising Team and a Members Support Team. The Members Support Team provides specialist consultancy services around the country in healthcare, education, early development, speech and language therapy, counselling and independence.

In addition, the organisation is governed by a Board of Directors who consults with a National Council and a National Advisory Council. Down Syndrome Ireland’s National Advisory Council represents the opinions of adults with Down syndrome within our organisation. The council is made up of twelve adults with Down syndrome from across Ireland.

Down Syndrome Ireland actively lobbies on behalf of the interests of our members. Our lobbying efforts are carefully co-ordinated to represent accurate and well-researched information. Lobbying issues include health, education, political participation and language accessibility of public and political information.