Accumulator Challenge

If you’re a corporate group and want to use your talent and creativity to raise funds for Down Syndrome Ireland, then the Accumulator Challenge may be the challenge for you! It is open to companies from all over Ireland who have a competitive edge, a creative mind, and a generous spirit

How it works

  • Form teams with equal numbers within your workplace. There is no limit as to how many teams you can have.
  • You’ll be given €100 seed money. The aim is to use this money to generate as much profit as possible.
  • Create as many internal and/or external fundraising events within a defined period of time.
  • You choose whatever timeframe best suits your schedule. It can be anything from one week to three months!
  • The team who raises the most money, not only wins bragging rights, but wins the coveted ‘DSI Accumulator Challenge’ trophy.


Benefits to company

  • An original and exciting teambuilding challenge for employees.
  • Encourages healthy competition between teams.
  • Good publicity and engagement through social media activity.
  • Positive association with a well-known, highly respected and trusted national charity.
  • Increased awareness of company’s CSR activities.


Next steps

If you would like to participate in Down Syndrome Ireland’s Accumulator Challenge and want further details, please email