Lobbying News: Down Syndrome Ireland represented on the Government’s recently established Taskforce on Personal Budgets (also referred to as Individualised Funding)

Great news! Six people representing the interests of people with Down syndrome are sitting on the Consultative & Advisory Group of the Government’s new Taskforce on Personal Budgets (also referred to as Individualised Funding). The Taskforce, which was established by … Continue reading


Speech and language is a particular area of difficulty for children with Down syndrome. High incidences of hearing loss combined with auditory processing and memory difficulties and oral-motor issues mean that language development interventions should begin at an early age … Continue reading

Teaching Methods

Reading is a complex, dynamic activity. It involves actively constructing meaning from texts. To do this a reader must be able to understand letters and symbols and how they come together in words and sentences to form connected texts. A reader must … Continue reading

Unique Features of Latch- On

Research-Based Long-term Outcomes: Growth in a broad range of literacy skills in print, oral and multi-media contexts Opportunities to use technology Improved independence and assertiveness Establishment of social networks Increased ability to participate independently in the broader community … Continue reading


Latch-On adopts a socio-cultural approach to literacy. In recent years, it has been identified through research that literacy encompasses a set of skills and strategies that are wider than traditional reading and writing approaches. The focus is in multi-literacies which … Continue reading

Down Syndrome Ireland and Inclusion Ireland host Individualised Funding Seminar calling for Government to act as ‘a matter of urgency’

Down Syndrome Ireland and Inclusion Ireland have demanded that a proposed Government taskforce which will investigate giving people with disabilities access to their own funding be set up as ‘a matter of urgency’. The two organisations hosted a Individualised Funding Seminar at the Gibson Hotel, Point … Continue reading

AGM 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended Down Syndrome Ireland’s AGM and Workshops 2015 in The Killarney Plaza Hotel Co. Kerry. We really appreciate some of you making the long journey down to Kerry and hope you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend. … Continue reading

Fraud Fundraising

Down Syndrome Ireland have been alerted to an individual who is using our name to run a fraud door to door collection in the Lucan area. We have also received calls from Limerick, Cavan, Louth, Offaly and Ballyfermot of similar situations. The callers … Continue reading