ICEP: Down syndrome: On-line training for Professionals


Who is this course aimed at?

This on-line course is designed for teachers, SNAs and other professionals. It may also be helpful for parents who want more detailed information about the development and education of children and young people with Down syndrome.

Key benefits:

  • 20 hours of self-paced online learning, giving you freedom and flexibility.
  • Experienced tutors will provide you with individual support.
  • Become part of our interactive learning community.
  • Group discounts and special rates available.
  • Learn how to support young people with Down syndrome.


When does the course run & how much does it cost?

The course runs 3 times a year, in spring summer and autumn. Spring term will begin on 19th February and finish on 15th April. Each term runs for 8 weeks. The course takes roughly 20 hours to complete and participants can complete their 20 hours any time that suits them over the 8 week term. The course costs €150 and we can offer discounts for group bookings.

Course Content

Designed for educators in settings across the age range, this course provides the latest research, detailed information and practical skills and strategies essential to delivering effective education and support to children and young people with Down syndrome. It will equip you with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the specific developmental and educational implications of Down syndrome and will build your capacity to adapt instruction and implement evidence-based approaches at an individual and whole-school level. You will also acquire a working knowledge of teaching strategies designed to develop literacy, speech, language and communication skills, numeracy and memory skills, social skills and motor skills. In addition, you will be encouraged to develop and implement best practice approaches and policies at the level of the classroom and in your own school in relation to supporting students with Down syndrome.

The focus of the course is to provide educators with proven educational approaches and teaching strategies, which are designed to maximise progress for children with Down syndrome. The course will also provide an overview and background to emerging values and themes in the education of children and young people with Down syndrome. The topics include inclusion and best practice approaches, the specific learning needs of students with Down syndrome, the differentiated curriculum, supporting students with differing levels of learning disability, promoting choice and autonomy, helping students build life skills, working with parents as partners, developing individual education plans for students with Down syndrome and planning for transitions.

“The fact that I could do the course from my own home was a great help as it eliminated child minding problems- I worked at night and early in the morning. Thanks for all your help”

Where can I get more information?
You can find out more information HERE.

Phone: 01 651 0618