It’s Your Vote! Use it!

down syndrome poster 1All people aged 18 years and over have the right to vote including people with Down syndrome!

Down Syndrome Ireland’s Voter Education and Political Participation Programmes empower our adult members with Down syndrome to make informed choices as members of the electorate.

Our Objectives:

    • To educate people with Down syndrome about their political rights.
    • To encourage people with Down syndrome to form and express an informed opinion / decision during local, national and European elections and referenda.
    • Our most notable project in this area is theMy Opinion, My Vote Projectwhich yielded long-awaited recognition for adults with intellectual disability across Europe. To read more about this project, please click here.

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The Children Referendum

The Children Referendum is fast approaching and we are encouraging our members to use their vote!

To this end, we have again produced an easy-to-read guide for our members. Please click here to download the guide.

This guide outlines the proposed amendment to the constitution in a language accessible format.

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