Lisa Cahill: Adult Projects Officer ‘Latch On’ (part-time)

Lisa Cahill is the current temporary part time Adult Projects Officer for Latch-On. She is the lead facilitator of the National Advisory Council (NAC). The National Advisory Council was established by Down Syndrome Ireland to give adults with Down Syndrome a clear structure and … Continue reading

DSI honoured with a NALA Plain English Award at ceremony in Dublin

Down Syndrome Ireland has been honoured with a National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)  Plain English Award. We were honoured as a Category Award Winner for creating accessible research tools for adults with Down syndrome at a ceremony on Thursday 9th … Continue reading

Teaching Methods

Reading is a complex, dynamic activity. It involves actively constructing meaning from texts. To do this a reader must be able to understand letters and symbols and how they come together in words and sentences to form connected texts. A reader must … Continue reading

Unique Features of Latch- On

Research-Based Long-term Outcomes: Growth in a broad range of literacy skills in print, oral and multi-media contexts Opportunities to use technology Improved independence and assertiveness Establishment of social networks Increased ability to participate independently in the broader community … Continue reading


Latch-On adopts a socio-cultural approach to literacy. In recent years, it has been identified through research that literacy encompasses a set of skills and strategies that are wider than traditional reading and writing approaches. The focus is in multi-literacies which … Continue reading