David’s Ready For FAI Football Tryouts!

Nineteen-year-old David O’Hare from Dundalk is facing the exciting prospect of trying out for the upcoming Futsal (indoor football) tryouts this October.

A keen player from an early age, David trains weekly with Coach Sean from Dundalk Special Olympic Club and is hopeful at the prospect of wearing Ireland’s green jersey at the upcoming Trisome Games 2020.

The first-ever team selections for players with Down syndrome in Ireland will commence this October. This is a milestone for sports development in Ireland and the result of 18 months of deliberations between the Football Association Ireland, Down syndrome Ireland and Tsenya – Creating awareness for athletes with Down syndrome.

According to David’s mom Caroline, this would be a great opportunity, seeing that persons with Down syndrome have additional functional disability.

“David loves to better his skills and he will now participate against peers who all experience the same advantages and disadvantages”.

Join David at the tryouts – you might just earn a spot on the team to represent Ireland.

You can find out more about the tryouts here.

Or for more information, please contact Tessa by email: tessa.tsenya@gmail.com