Employment opportunity – MSD Carlow

Job Opportunity - MSD Carlow

MSD Carlow are looking to recruit an adult with Down syndrome to work at their premises in Carlow

Job Title: Site & Storage Assistant
Where: MSD Carlow
Work Tasks: Work tasks may include some of the following. Different task will be required at different times:

Visitor Support

• Distribution of PPE (personal protective equipment) to staff and visitors
• Supporting group visits
• Providing staff with new lanyards
• Office support for printing, photocopying and laminating
• Collecting, franking and distributing the post and internal messages

• Cleaning duties may include dust control in main corridors, polishing stainless steel handrails, windows and glass
• Replenish consumables e.g. hand soup, hand sanitizer, etc.

(All tasks will be always completed with a Warehouse Operator)

• Labelling of received materials and putting the sleeves on pallets
• Replenish PPE (personal protective equipment)

Material Stores

• Stocking shelves
• Replenishing stock
• Moving items to storage location

Waste Management

• Removal of waste materials from production to central disposal area


Full training will be provided to ensure you understand all tasks and are comfortable with completing them.
A work buddy will be provided.
You will complete a full site induction prior to commencing role.
You will be taken through all Health and Safety guidelines

You need to have:

• A Positive attitude to working
• Good verbal skills to welcome visitors for group tours
• Basic written skills
• Good listening skills
• Good social skills. Ability and willingness to work alongside and mix with team members
• Energy to work for a 2-4 hours 2-3 times a week, morning or afternoon Days and times will be decided in conjunction with the successful candidate
• Willingness to be part of a busy working team

Things to think about:

• You will need to attend a face to face interview
• Not everyone who applies will get this job (only one person will be chosen from a group of people who are interested)
• The position is within the office, warehouse and stores areas of a manufacturing company, producing medicine
• If you are successful after interview, you will be asked to attend a Pre-Employment Medical (PEM). Full information re PEM will be provided
• You will get a tea break
• You will need to travel to MSD Carlow to attend work
• You will need to attend some training with Down Syndrome Ireland, if you get this job

For more information, or to apply for this job, please email joanne.d@downsyndrome.ie by the 8th March. If you have a CV, please email that with your interest, if you don’t have a CV, that is ok, we can send you a job survey to fill out.

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