Watch Deidre and her amazing son Eoin and our HB Fundays ambassador Rachel Allen talk about our 2019 HB Fundays campaign on the RTÉ’s Today Show with Maura and Daithí.

  • Planning your HB Fundays party

    Party Invites

    You can’t have a party without guests so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to let everyone know when your HB Fundays party takes place.  Ask your family, friends or colleagues to help you spread the word and you can use social media too.  We’ll provide you with posters in your party pack but you can download the poster here and send these to family and friends as invites.


    Party ideas and tips

    Having a party is a fun way of gathering friends, family or colleagues together, but hosting a HB Fundays ice cream party is a great way to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

    Here we give you the scoop on some fun ideas which will make your party even more memorable and tips to allow you to join in the fun too.

    • Bring back those childhood memories by serving your HB ice cream in wafers. Simple, but delicious. Have a competition to see who can eat their ice cream wafer the fastest, but watch out for brain freeze!
    • Set up an ice cream bar with bowls of your favourite toppings and syrups and let your guests create their own ice cream dessert. Chopped fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, whipped cream – whatever you like!
    • Complete your ice cream bar with hot toppings! Simply fill heatproof jars with caramel, Nutella, chocolate chips or lemon curd and place in a slow cooker with 1-2 inches of water and let them slowly melt to gooey perfection!
    • Inject some healthy competition into your party and ask everyone to create their own ice cream masterpiece. Judging will need to be quick…before the ice cream melts!
    • If you are expecting lots of guests, save time and hassle by pre-slicing your ice cream! Arrange in bowls and keep frozen until it’s time to serve
    • Make your own milkshakes and raise even more money! All you need is the ice cream, milk, fruit or syrups, a blender and serving glasses
    • Hosting your party outdoors? Remember to have a Plan B in place beforehand to fall back on in case of rain e.g. a marquee or your local community or sports hall. Whatever you do, be prepared and don’t let the weather dampen your spirits!

    There are so many ways to make your party a really memorable occasion. We hope you’ve found some inspiration to make your own HB Fundays party one to remember!

    Remember to tell your guests why you’re hosting your HB Fundays party and how the money they are helping to raise is going to help parents and young children with Down syndrome across Ireland. 

    The focus of this year’s campaign is to increase support for new parents and young children with Down syndrome throughout Ireland and the funds raised will go directly towards our National Early Development Services.  We aim to provide a peer to peer support service for new parents as well as practical resources, specifically designed to meet the learning needs and abilities of young children with Down syndrome, which will give them the best start on their educational journey.

    Please share your photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Party Games

    You can’t have a party without party games. They’ve got to be fun and they’ve got to be silly. Here are some of our favourite party games everyone will enjoy.


    Balloon Relay

    Balloon games are always fun, and this one is a classic party game.  Be aware that some children might be nervous of popping balloons so it is a good idea to discretely check this beforehand.

    All you need are two large black bin bags or baskets and lots of balloons (you can use the Down Syndrome Ireland balloons provided in your party pack!).

    Divide everyone into two groups and line everyone up. At the top of the room, place the two baskets or black bin bags filled with over-inflated balloons (over-inflating them makes them easier to pop!).

    To start the game, the first two contestants in each team run to their basket/bag and grab a balloon. They must then sit on it until it pops then they run back to their team and tag the next player in line. The first team to pop all their balloons wins.

    Over-Under Relay – with a ball or balloons

    Divide everyone into equal teams and have players line up behind each other spreading out one arm’s length distance apart.   

    The object of the game is for each team to pass back the ball or balloons either over their head or under their legs, alternating methods with each person, over, under and so on. When the last person in line gets the ball/balloons, they must run (or jump or skip!) to the front of the line and start passing the ball/balloon back again.  The first team to have their first player return to their starting point wins the game.

    Pass the Parcel

    Yes it’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie. All children (young and old!) love the thrill of seeing if the wrapped parcel will stop at them as it gets passed around the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap a layer of wrapping. You can wrap smaller prizes in between layers so there is more than one winner throughout the game. 

    Dress Up Relay Race

    Divide everyone into 2 teams. Everyone takes it in turn to put on lots of big person clothes, (e.g. hats, jumpers, wellies etc.), run up to the top of the room and back; take everything off before the next person starts. This continues until the first team finishes and you have a winner!

    Musical Chairs or Statues

    This is another old favourite! For Musical Chairs you’ll need one less chair than the number of children (or big kids!) playing. They run around the chairs and when the music stops try to grab a seat. The last one left without a chair is out and sits out the rest of the game. Remove one chair and continue.

    For Musical Statues everyone has to freeze when the music stops. Anyone who wobbles… is out.

    The Memory Game

    Lay out a tray with about 20 items on it (e.g. crayon, matchstick, apple, book etc.) covered up. Everybody gets a piece of paper and pencil and has 60 seconds to look at the tray when the items are revealed. They must remember as many items as they can once it’s covered up again and write those items down. The person with the most correct items wins.

    Include ice cream related items too, e.g. ice cream scoop, sundae glass, long sundae spoon, cones or wafers etc.


    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

  • Reasons to support

    Thanks to the incredible support of our party hosts and their guests, our 2018 HB Fundays campaign raised a whopping €275,348! 


    How your support will help this year

    This year we hope to raise in excess of €300,000 to support our national early development services. The money you raise from hosting a HB Fundays party will help fund increased support for new parents and young children with Down syndrome.

    We want to provide peer to peer support for new parents as well as practical resources, specifically designed to meet the learning needs and abilities of young children with Down syndrome.  With your support, we will do this through the rollout of the following programmes.

    See and Learn

    Learning to talk is a particular challenge for most children with Down syndrome. Difficulties with understanding and using language present obstacles in daily life and can be a major source of frustration.

    ‘See and Learn’ is an evidence based, structured teaching programme which teaches speech, language and reading skills in small steps, for children with Down syndrome up to 6 years of age.  The programme is designed to help educators and parents provide young children with the additional support and practice they need to learn language.

    Down Syndrome Ireland is investing in this programme which will promote speech and language development.  Here’s what we will do:

    • Estimated 500 children will directly benefit
    • Approximately 300 participating pre-schools
    • Provide training to 240 pre-school practitioners
    • Supply See and Learn Language and Reading kits to participating pre-schools
    • Supply See and Learn Speech kits to local branches


    We want to provide each participating pre-school with either the Vocabulary kit or the full Language and Reading kit, to give every child with Down syndrome the best start on their education journey…



    We want to provide each local branch with the See and Learn Speech kit to give every child with Down syndrome materials to help with learning speech sounds.


    …With your help, we can.


    Parent-Link – parents supporting parents

    Often the best source of support for new parents of babies with Down syndrome is to speak to another parent who has a child with Down syndrome; someone who is familiar with the feelings that they may be experiencing. Parent-Link is a Down Syndrome Ireland support service provided by parent volunteers, who act as a listening ear for new parents of babies with Down syndrome. 

    This service is currently offered in some of our 25 branches around the country.  We want to develop Parent-Link as a nationwide support so that all new parents of children with Down syndrome can have access to a local Parent-link volunteer.

    A key part of this project is the provision of training to Parent-Link volunteers over 2 non-consecutive days.  Training will include:

    • Communication skills – listening skills
    • Feelings and reactions
    • The therapeutic relationship
    • Self-care for our parent volunteers


    Parent-Link is about parents supporting parents who share the same journey. With your help, we will provide new parents with support, understanding, confidentiality and a listening ear.

    Your guests can also text to donate by simply texting FUNDAYS to 50300 to donate €4.  Simply download and display this Text to Donate poster at your party.

    (T&C’s: Text costs €4. Down Syndrome Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278)

    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

  • Download party decorations

    Download our fun decoration templates and get your class, colleagues or friends involved to make-your-own HB Fundays party decorations.

    Download here!


    Download here!
    Paper Chains


    Download here!
    Cone Hats


    Download here!
    Photo Frame


    Download here!
    Text to Donate poster


    To help with inviting people we’ve provided a poster you can set up to help advertise your HB Fundays party – download the below poster to invite everyone to your  party then after you’ve all enjoyed your ice cream, remember to let everyone know how much they helped to raise for Down Syndrome Ireland with our Thank You Certificate.

    HB Fundays Party Poster/Invite


    HB Fundays Thank you Certificate


    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

  • Teaching resources

    If you’re holding your HB Fundays party at school, why not use these teaching resources to make the party even more meaningful by helping your class learn more about Down syndrome.


    Primary School Student Information (powerpoint presentation)

    Primary School Student Information (pdf document)

    Teacher Notes (word document)

    Teacher Notes (pdf document)


    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

  • Fun HB Hazelbrook Farm ice cream recipes

    One of our favourite ways to serve HB ice cream is sandwiched between two wafers, whatever the flavour it’s always delicious.

    If you’re looking for some new recipe ideas for your HB Fundays party, we’ve got you covered – from our take on that old favourite banana split to a deliciously decadent adult-only treat, here are some simple recipes to jazz up your ice cream party!


    Chocolate-chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

    Kids will love to help make these hand-held treats!  And everyone will love the combination between crunchy biscuit and the smooth, cool HB ice cream centre! 

    Whether you use a tried and tested recipe to make your own homemade cookies or you opt for your favourite shop bought chocolate-chip cookie, this couldn’t be simpler.

    To assemble, simply spoon 1 tbsp. of Hazelbrook HB ice cream onto one cookie and press down another cookie on top!  Roll the ice cream sides in sprinkles, crushed nuts or shaved chocolate for even more decadence!


    Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

    No party is complete without a classic Banana Split. Delicious HB ice cream combined with bananas, chocolate sauce and chopped nuts make the perfect dessert. Here’s our recipe for a Banana Split Ice Cream Cake which we think you’ll come back to time and time again! 


    • 250g digestive biscuits
    • 100g butter (melted)
    • 3 bananas (sliced)
    • 1 brick of Hazelbrook HB Vanilla ice cream – softened
    • 1 brick of Hazelbrook HB Banana ice cream – softened
    • 1 brick of Hazelbrook HB Raspberry Ripple ice cream – softened

    For serving:

    • Whipped cream
    • Maraschino cherries
    • Chocolate or Strawberry syrup – optional



    1. To make the base, butter and line a 23cm loose-bottomed tin with baking parchment. Put the digestive biscuits in a plastic food bag and crush to crumbs using a rolling pin. Transfer the crumbs to a bowl and then pour over the melted butter. Mix thoroughly until the crumbs are completely coated. Tip them into the prepared tin and press firmly down into the base to create an even layer. Chill in the fridge for 1 hr to set firmly.
    2. Arrange the banana slices on top of the biscuit base
    3. Scoop the vanilla ice cream over the bananas and spread in an even layer. Freeze for approx. 20 minutes. Repeat with the banana ice cream and freeze for another 20 minutes. Add the raspberry ripple ice cream and then freeze for 1 hour
    4. When you are ready to serve, release the springform tin and slice the cake. Top each slice with whipped cream, a cherry and your favourite syrup.



    You can find the above recipes and more in our free recipes download here.

    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

  • FAQs

    How do I host a HB Fundays party?

    It’s easy. Decide when and where you’d like to have your party and register below. Invite your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours and ask them to help you spread the word – the more the merrier!  We’ll send you a party pack with balloons, posters and your HB Hazelbrook ice cream vouchers. Please give us at least 2 weeks’ notice of your party.

    Register your party here


    When will I receive my HB Fundays party pack and what is in it?

    Once you register and we have a firm date for your party, you can expect your pack to arrive in the post at least a week before your party date. Your pack will contain posters to advertise your party (you can also download the poster here), balloons and vouchers for your FREE HB Hazelbook Farm pint bricks, which can be redeemed in retailers nationwide.


    I’d like to decorate my party, do you have any suggestions?

    You can download party decorations in the above section (Download party decorations) and get your children, friends, class, teammates or colleagues involved in making the decorations. It’s a fun class or team activity and will help to build the excitement for the ice cream fun!


    Where can I get the ice cream for my HB Fundays party?

    Your party pack will contain vouchers, each of which entitles you to 1 FREE pint brick (586ml) from the HB Hazelbrook Farm range.  These can be redeemed at any participating Republic of Ireland store up to the value of €2.50. If the product is priced above €2.50, the difference must be paid by you. A condition of using these vouchers is that you send all donations raised at your HB Fundays ice cream party to Down Syndrome Ireland.  If you are expecting a large group of people at your party, organise with your local retailer to have the correct amount of ice cream in stock so you’re not disappointed when you go to collect it.


    How many vouchers will I receive?

    The number of vouchers issued will be calculated based on the number of people attending your party. Each ice cream brick should be cut into 6 slices so you will receive 1 voucher for every 6 people attending.


    How many donations should I expect for the ice cream at my party?

    We recommend a minimum donation of €2.00 per slice and if your party guests would like to donate more, that’s super! This will help you raise more money and help us reach our overall fundraising target this year of €300,000.


    It looks like I will have some ice cream bricks left over from my party, what should I do with them?

    For food safety reasons, ice cream cannot be returned to the shop. To avoid wastage, be realistic with the number of people attending your party and only redeem your vouchers based on that. If you are still expecting to have ice cream bricks left over, up sell! Think about how you can generate more money at your party, e.g. use the ice cream to make and sell milkshakes!


    What should I do with any vouchers I don’t redeem?

    We would ask you to only redeem enough vouchers to cover the number attending. If the number of people attending your party decreases and you have unredeemed vouchers, please return them to Down Syndrome Ireland as soon as possible so we can reissue them to another party host.


    How should I serve the ice cream?

    We love to serve ours in wafers or make a sundae with lots of toppings! You’ll find some fun recipes here.  Don’t forget to wear disposable gloves when serving.


    How can I raise more money at my HB Fundays party?

    Aside from asking your party guests to make the minimum donation for their ice cream, you can also host some additional fundraising activities to help you raise more money. Competitions, a raffle or games – whatever you do, make sure you’re having fun! You’ll find more fundraising ideas here.


    Can my party guests text to donate?

    Yes, they can simply text FUNDAYS to 50300 to donate €4

    (T&C’s: Text costs €4. Down Syndrome Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278)

    You can display this Text to Donate poster at your party.


    How do I get the money I’ve raised to Down Syndrome Ireland?

    The easiest way is to make a donation online here and you simply select HB Fundays in the drop-down menu.  You’ll also find a bank lodgement slip in your party pack which will make it easy for you to lodge the funds your party has raised. Make sure you enter your party host’s name and your party ID number (which you will receive in your party pack) in the lodgement narrative so we can identify the money coming from you and send you a well-deserved thank you! We would appreciate party hosts returning the money raised as soon as possible.

    If you lose your lodgement slip, you can lodge directly to our account.  Make sure you enter your party host’s name and your party ID number in the narrative so we can identify your lodgement.

    A/c Name: HB Fundays Account
    Bank: AIB, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.
    A/C #: 17850902
    Sort Code: 93-10-12
    IBAN: IE83 AIBK 9310 1217 8509 02


    Who can I contact if I have any questions?

    If you have any questions at all, please contact our Fundraising Team on our HB Fundays party hotline 1890 37 37 37 or email

    We’d love you to share your party game photos with us on your social media by using #DSIHBFundays.

    Register your party here

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