In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we sadly had to take the decision to cancel our annual HB Fundays campaign this summer. Nothing gets between us and enjoying delicious HB ice cream so we’re delighted to announce a new twist on our flagship ice cream fundraiser.

HB Ice Cream Sunday takes place on Sunday 20th September and we are asking you and your family to join in the fun and show your support for DSI by purchasing your favourite HB ice cream multipack; with €0.10 from every pack purchased going towards DSI’s See and Learn programme.

For the past 19 years, HB has partnered with DSI for our HB Fundays campaign which has seen thousands of people host ice cream parties at home, in their schools and clubs, and in their office, raising over €3.7 million. With your support, HB Fundays has made life-changing differences possible for children and adults with Down syndrome, along with their families, right across the country.


How your support helped last year

Learning to talk is a particular challenge for most children with Down syndrome and difficulties in communicating can present obstacles in every-day life. Last year, our partnership with HB raised an incredible €251,264! This allowed DSI to commence a national programme called See and Learn, an international programme designed to meet the specific learning needs of young children with Down syndrome. The programme provides essential support to improve their speech, language, reading and numeracy skills – skills many of us take for granted. In September 2019, we commenced the rollout of this vital programme and here’s what we were able to do.

  • Through 25 seminars across Ireland, we met over 1,600 people.
  • We trained over 600 parents, early years educators and teachers of children with Down syndrome.
  • Training was delivered across 15 sites nationwide.
  • We provided over 220 See and Learn kits to parents and schools across the country.


We need your help this year

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our See and Learn programme has been instrumental in helping parents to continue their child’s progression at home and our specialists have continued to provide support using online methods when we could not continue face-to-face. Our next step is to commence the rollout of Phase 2 of See and Learn with the potential to reach up to 600 early primary school children and pre-schoolers aged between 3-6 years.

Covid-19 has resulted in funding for this vital programme being severely impacted so we need your help.

The first years of life are a critical time in a child’s development. With your support, we can ensure that young children with Down syndrome are given every opportunity to develop speech and master essential life skills.

Here’s Olive Buckeridge, our See and Learn specialist, demonstrating the See and Learn programme with Ameliya, who is a member of our Limerick branch.


How to show your support

To support DSI’s HB Ice Cream Sunday on the 20th September, simply purchase your favourite HB multipack from your local supermarket; and €0.10 from each pack go directly to funding our See and Learn programme.

You can also support the language development of young children with Down syndrome to give them the very best start by donating what you can here.

We’re challenging you to get creative in how you celebrate your HB Ice Cream Sunday on the 20th September. Share your photos and videos with us on social media by tagging @downsyndromeirleland and using the hashtag #HBIceCreamSunday

For details on participating stores and HB multipacks, view the campaign T&Cs.

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