Goals for teachers of post-primary pupils with Down syndrome:

The following goals may be appropriate for teachers of pupils with Down syndrome to bear in mind when planning:

    • to involve the teenager in all aspects of school life and school routines
    • to support social independence in school and the development of friendships with peers
    • to support the development of leisure skills and inclusion with peers in break and lunchtimes
    • to encourage, model and expect age-appropriate, socially acceptable behaviour at all times
    • to be familiar with the research findings which demonstrate a specific cognitive profile associated with Down syndrome and to adapt teaching methods and lesson content accordingly
    • to provide access to all areas of the school curriculum at a level appropri¬ate for the individual teenager
    • to recognise the importance of teaching reading and writing daily
    • to develop speech, language and working memory skills as well as literacy skills
    • to have clear targets for speech and language work for each teenager, and identify how these can be absorbed into all aspects of the curriculum
    • to facilitate independent learning and the ability to work and to learn as part of a group
    • to make full use of computer aided learning, with appropriate software for individual and group work

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