Differentiation for Secondary School

What is Differentiation?

Differentiation is the process of reducing the amount of work and reducing the level of work involved for students with an intellectual disability as they move through various learning, assessment and examination routes.

The need for support in differentiating materials for students with Down syndrome has been identified by parents, teachers and other educators as the syllabus for second level subjects – as presented in current text books and materials – is beyond the level of comprehension and reading ability of many students with Down syndrome.

We have developed booklets which show differentiated segments for a number of subjects: Home EconomicsEnglishScienceHistoryGeography and Civil, Social and Political Education (CSPE).

Each booklet offers a number of ‘sample lessons’ and some subjects also have additional lessons in the form of PowerPoint presentations (see below).

They will help your child’s teachers provide suitable materials of an appropriate level for your child resulting in better learning outcomes and more inclusion in the classroom.

Our Introductory Booklet has information on Individual Education Plans, Strategies for Learning and Teaching, a Behaviour Checklist and information on related issues such as Hearing and Vision.

Please share the materials with your child’s teachers to help them to facilitate your child’s learning throughout secondary school.

We are so grateful to the parents, teachers and educators who participated so willingly in the project, which has been many months in the making.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to the Maynooth Students for Charity, who helped fund the project through its Galway Cycle 2016.































Additional Sample Lessons


Sample Lesson: ‘Food’


Sample Lesson: ‘Home Baking’

Sample Lesson: ‘Milk, Cheese and Eggs’

Sample Lesson: ‘The Teeth’