From the moment a new baby is born, we watch progress eagerly, anticipating every inch of growth and developmental milestone along the way. For children with Down syndrome growth and weight gain can initially be slower for some babies for the first few months of life. This may be due to some babies having some feeding difficulties in the early weeks of life when there may be a need to alter the routine feeding pattern and regime.

Babies and children’s height and weight should be plotted on growth charts that are specific for children and adolescents with Down syndrome. Your medical provider should supply them to you free of charge. Growth charts are available to buy from our On-Line Shop if needed.

A reduction in height is common for individuals with Down syndrome in comparison to the general population. The reason for this is generally unknown; however some medical conditions such as cardiac abnormalities which may lead to poor feeding, thyroid problems and coeliac disease may contribute to altered growth. Monitoring and management of weight is vital to prevent the individual becoming overweight. A healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise plan should be incorporated to maintain healthy weight, body and physical well being.

If you are concerned regarding a decrease or increase in weight your GP should be consulted