Training and Employment Opportunities

Down Syndrome Ireland in conjunction with our partner ALFAPARF Milano Ireland is delighted to launch Beauty in all its Forms Project: a joint initiative which aims to give people in Ireland with Down syndrome the opportunity to train as a Hairdressing Assistant with a view to securing long-term employment.

Following the program’s international success, it was piloted in Ireland in early 2017 and had a 80% success rate of people securing employment following training.


You can find out more information about the program here:

Beauty in all its Forms General Booklet with background information on the program, graduate feedback from the pilot program and support information.

‘Beauty in all its Forms’ Job Specification with information on programme details, duties, factors for consideration and necessary skills.


Applications are now closed for ‘Round One’ of the program, with our new participants due to start on September 6th 2017.We plan to host a second round of the program in the new year, and hope to update our members as soon as possible with dates and details.

Training places will be offered based on a candidate’s compatibility, the availability of an internship and possibility of future employment in a salon close to where the candidate lives. Applicants are required to have a keen interest in the hair and beauty industry and should have a strong desire to work in a hair salon.