Training and Employment Opportunities: Beauty in all its Forms

Our innovative new national employment programme for adults with Down syndrome is an initiative we’ve developed in collaboration with our partner ALFAPARF Milano Ireland. Our ‘Beauty in all its Forms’ programme gives adults with Down syndrome the opportunity to train as hairdressing assistants with a view to securing long-term employment.

Following the programme’s international success, we piloted it in Ireland in early 2017 with six of our members and had a more than 80% success rate of people securing employment following training. We are currently in the next phase of the programme with another new group of six participants undertaking their training at the moment (November 2017).


“The training was great. I learned lots, how to fold towels, cleaning and washing hair. Getting a job in Lloyds made me happy and confident.” John Mulligan, Waterford



One of our key goals is to provide our members with a high degree of independence in adulthood. We are making real progress in developing our adult education programmes and establishing partnerships with companies such as ALFAPARF Milano.


“I have become more confident in talking to people, greeting and looking after the clients. I have become much more aware of what it means to be in the workplace – arriving on time, dressing suitably and doing the best I can in the salon.”


Can I participate in Beauty in all its Forms?

The next BIAIF’s programme will run in February 2018 but the intake on that programme has already been filled from suitable participants that made the shortlist from our Open Day in August. However we will be hosting another Open Day for interested candidates at a later stage in 2018. Watch this space for more details!

You can view the Programme Details & Job Specification for programme participants HERE.

You can view and download the Application Form HERE. Completed application forms can be sent via email to Please include the words ALFAPARF Milano Training in the Subject Line.

Are you an employer who would like to get involved?

Working alongside a person with Down syndrome often enriches the wider workforce and benefits a company in many diverse and unique ways.

As an employer, would you like to get involved in one of our training and employment programmes? You can get in contact with us at We would love to chat with you.

Can I find out more information on the programme?

Beauty in all its Forms General Booklet with background information on the programme, graduate feedback from the pilot programme and support information.

Read our full PRESS RELEASE here.



RTE News visited the BIAIF programme recently and met with the six participants currently training to see what the programme is all about. The video has been so positively received across social media (with 2.3 million views on their Facebook page alone!) with encouraging comments and well wishes for the participants as well as support for inclusion and opportunity in the workplace.