New & Expectant Families

Welcome to our section for New & Expectant Parents and Families

The following sections contain Information for Expectant Parents, New Parents and their families with babies with Down syndrome.

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The Informing Families website provides information for parents and professionals at the time of a child’s diagnosis with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability, or when there are concerns about a possible diagnosis.  The Informing Families website was developed by the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies in consultation with families and professionals.

On families can access information on entitlements and benefits, support agencies, and early information such as ‘What are early services?’ and ‘How do I tell others about my child’s diagnosis?’ Parents can also access advice on Internet searching for reliable and relevant information in relation to their child’s diagnosis. Professionals can print all of the above information to provide to parents (or direct parents to the website) as well as accessing best practice guidelines for communicating with families, and practical tools and materials to help implement these recommendations.  The website includes a one-hour e-learning programme to support professionals in their practice when communicating sensitive or difficult news to families.

Parent Link

Parent Link is a voluntary support and information service for parents of new babies with Down syndrome.  It is a service run entirely on a voluntary basis by parents who are familiar with the feelings and reactions associated with having a child with Down syndrome in the family.  Parent Link parents receive training in communication skills from Down Syndrome Ireland.  They will provide time, confidentiality and a listening ear for new parents. For a contact in your area please phone Annette at 01 4266511.