Future Planning

Thinking of the inevitable is a difficult task for parents when they set about making a Will in order to make proper provision for their children. This task is made even more difficult from an emotional perspective, when you are trying to make provision for a child with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Ireland provides information seminars for parents and provides an information booklet designed to give you peace of mind and to ease the burden, as well as providing a guide as to how best to distribute your assets in such a situation.

Planning for the Future: Guidelines for Parents of Children and Adults with Down Syndrome.

The information booklet is available through our online shop or by phoning the national office on 01 426 6500.

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There are two parts to the booklet. The first is the important issue of making a Will and leaving your son or daughter properly provided for in a way that is both legal and beneficial to their future life

The second part is about a Letter of Intent which informs future guardians and trustees of the details of your child’s life, both past and present which consequently will help your child deal a little more easily with the great loss of a parent.

In order to provide for your child’s long-term needs, you may need to consider establishing a special estate plan as outlined in this booklet.

Information Seminars

If you wish to enquire about an information seminar; please contact your local branch secretary.
The information seminars are delivered by the authors of the above-named publication:

    • Tadgh Kelly, Solicitor with Dublin based Law Firm, Pearts Solicitors located at 24/26 Upper Ormond Quay.

Tadgh primarily practices in the area of land disputes, planning law, defamation law and personal injury claims.

Of particular interest to him is the area of law surrounding how best to protect and cater for the needs of people with Down syndrome and he has developed a growing practice in this area based on his particular experience and expertise.