Numicon is a multi-sensory maths teaching programme using special ‘number shapes’ in a series of practical teaching activities. The maths shapes help children to understand number values and relationships more easily, as it uses visual concrete stimuli. Learners develop their own mental number imagery as they combine and compare the shapes in a series of practical activities.
Numicon’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic (physically doing) approach appeals to different learning styles. By physically manipulating Numicon to build constructions, make arrangements and patterns and play games using the feely bag, pupils will experience with both their hands and their eyes how numbers fit together. The powerful images can also open doors for children struggling with number, no matter how old they are.

Why use Numicon with Children with Down syndrome?

    • Numicon gives a clear visual representation for number which is thought to support the visual style of learning that is usually a strength in children with Down Syndrome
    • There is an emphasis on multi-sensory teaching methods which is considered to be of benefit
    • Children can manipulate the materials themselves – this is a key strength of the system
    • Materials can be used in a creative way that appeals to the child

Note: Many children can use & benefit from the Numicon system. It is not just for children with Down syndrome

Down Syndrome Ireland is the Irish agent for all Numicon materials, and can also arrange for training in use of the Numicon system. For all prices, rates and other inquiries, please contact Annette in the head office on 01 4266500

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