Online Short Courses Programmes

A number of online programmes are available, depending on interest.

They include:  

  • Healthy Living & Wellbeing
  • Movies  
  • Music


These courses are for 2 hours per week (1 hour on 2 different days), for 8 weeks – you can find out more about the course below. 

Information About the Course

Healthy Living & Wellbeing 

This course covers aspects of healthy living and wellbeing such as, the importance of healthy eating, positive mental health and exercise. 

Movie Time 

This online course is a fun way to discover different genres of movies including science fiction, adventure and comedies. You will explore how movies are made and who works behind the camera. 

Music Time 

This online course is a fun way to discover different genres of music including pop, country and rock, as well as Ireland in the Eurovision. 


To see if there are courses open to register on or for further details of upcoming courses you can contact:


Here is feedback from students who have participated in online courses: 


“I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed my course on movies especially the comedies like Sponge Bob Square Pants  and the documentary  on Justin Bieber. I liked that Justin Bieber donated money from his concerts to charity. I am looking forward to doing more courses with you.” – Ciara Grehan(Louth-Meath)


“Music is one of my favourite things so I wanted to let you know that I loved my course with you. I liked learning the different types of music especially the Eurovision music and Mamma Mia the musical. I hope I can do more courses with you. Thank you.” – Michelle Cooney (Louth-Meath)


“Hilary is nice and I like the Padlet work. I enjoy learning about the different foods and listening to people from around Ireland who are on the course as well.” – RúairíO’Fiannachta (Kildare)