This Easy Read leaflet from The Down Syndrome Association has some great tips on being independent.

Click here to read it. 

Washing the dishes 

Do you do the wash up?

It is another great way to build independence.

Watch this video on how to wash the dishes. 

Changing sheets 

Do you change your own bedsheets

It’s a great way to build your independence

Watch the video on how to change your sheets.

Phone safety 

Phones are really great.

Read these tips to help you stay safe. 


Gardening is a great way to keep fit and strong. You do not need a lot of space to start growing herbs and vegetables. The food you grow is healthy and very good for the environment. You can find advice on growing different types of food here.

A sandwich a day…

It is important to look after yourself and to eat lunch every day. You can use this guide to make a sandwich for yourself

Walk the walk!

It is important to get fresh air.

Go for a walk every day.

Keep fit with housework

Housework is exercise too!

Can you hoover? Can you clean windows? Can you tidy your room? Can you mop the floor?