Survey on School Closures

It is recognised world-wide that school closures or being excluded from school for any period of time is detrimental, particularly for children with special educational needs. We are in ongoing communication with the Dept of Education in relation to issues regarding school closures and the impact on children and young people with Down syndrome.

To enable us to have the most up-to-date facts, we need to gather as much information as we can from our members.

This survey is for families with a child in a special school or in a special class in a mainstream school.

We know that recent Government announcements regarding mask-wearing and the continuing levels of uncertainty regarding possible school closures is causing increased anxieties for many families, no more so than for those of our members whose children attend special educational settings. It has been brought to our attention that parents of children attending these settings continue to have their children sent home from school with Covid- like symptoms.

This is despite the fact that guidelines issued to schools have indicated that chronic respiratory symptoms experienced by many children with Down syndrome do not necessitate the child being excluded from school. We have also been alerted to the fact that some children attending special schools are being sent home with classes closed due to teacher and SNA shortages in their schools.

Please help us get the best picture we can by completing our survey and sharing it with other families.

The survey will remain open until Friday, December 10th at 5 pm.