Ability Programme module – MOTE: My Opinion My Vote

My Opinion, My Vote (MOTE) is a European Project which aims to empower people with learning disabilities through active citizenship and participation in political elections. MOTE is one module of our Ability Programme, which provides people with Down syndrome access to meaningful employment opportunities.

It is a two year course that runs one day a week.

The students are taught about the political process and how their opinion, vote and involvement in politics matter. Among the many topics that are covered are local government, referenda and the process of elections.

Students are educated about their political rights and encouraged to form and express an informed opinion and decision during local, national and European elections and referenda.

The aim is to encourage people with learning difficulties to actively engage with the political decisions that will ultimately affect them.

What areas/subjects does the programme cover?

The programme covers 10 units:

Unit 1: Forming a Personal and Independent Opinion

Unit 2: What is Politics?

Unit 3: Delegation and Representation

Unit 4: Participation in Associations, political parties and trade unions

Unit 5: Political Parties and Electoral Programmes

Unit 6: Voting Procedures, Electoral Lists

Unit 7: Local Public Authority

Unit 8: National Authority: Parliament/Government

Unit 9: What is Europe?

Unit 10: Referendum

Are there any requirements for the programme?

There is no minimum literacy requirement to begin this course and all levels including emergent learners are catered for. There is a maximum class size of sixteen students. Traditionally students who have studied another module of our Ability Programme, called Latch-On, progress to MOTE but completion of our Latch On module is not an entry requirement for the MOTE module of our Ability Programme.

Where is the programme taught?

The programme is taught in our in our branch network around the country. 

Please contact John Condon, Head of Adult Education at johncondon@downsyndrome.ie for more details.

When does the programme begin?

The programme begins mid-September 2019.

Who can I contact for further information?

You can contact Nicola Hart, our Head of Member Support Team Services.