“Our Story through Covid” Kildare Branch

Kildare Down syndrome Ireland used the Adult Learners Festival 2021 to document the journey of our adult members as they negotiated life behind the cloud of Covid.  

We showed:
• The resilience and strength of those adults
• The commitment and support of their families
• The compassion and dedication of our teaching team
• The determination and passion of the branch committee to keep our people connected and supported

Many thanks to Joe, Dasha, Conor, Susan and all at KWetb Community Education for their fantastic support in putting this project together as part of this years “Lets Reconnect” Adult Learners Festival 2021.  This project came at a great time for us in January when we needed it the most – our Adult Education had just been put back into lockdown and we had made the decision to return to online classes.  We were so low after having been back in classrooms/polytunnel from Sept to Dec 2020. 

Our fantastic scriptwriter was Rita Walsh, our Chairperson, many thanks Rita.

From our weekly meetups with Joe, Dasha and Conor and the 46 individual videos submitted by our fantastic adult education students, their families, our super teaching team and our Committee   –  we now have this wonderful, emotional video to share with you all – “Our Story Through Covid”  Huge thanks to all for being part of this journey. 

The sentiments expressed by all in our video resonates with each and everyone of us in society as we work through the challenges of Covid.  This video will outlive Covid and it will have documented our journey through these challenging times. 

Sit back, grab a cuppa (and maybe a tissue) and enjoy!!!

Check out our Video below  


Please checkout the inspiring imagery and words in the gallery below. 

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