Get involved – National Advisory Council

National Advisory Council

What is the National Advisory Council?

Down Syndrome Ireland set up the National Advisory Council so that adults with Down syndrome have a say in what DSI does.

We call the National Advisory Council, NAC for short.

We call Down Syndrome Ireland, DSI for short.

The NAC members come from all over Ireland.

The NAC is the voice of adults with Down syndrome in Down Syndrome Ireland.

The NAC members lets DSI know what is important to them.

The NAC members sit on the council for three years.

What will you learn if you join the NAC?

The NAC supports members to become more confident and to learn new skills like:

  • respectful listening
  • giving opinions
  • traveling to the NAC meetings independently
  • how to speak at meetings
  • how to be in charge of a meeting
  • how to be an officer of the NAC
  • deciding what projects you want to work on as a group
  • talking to other people and groups about what you do in the NAC.


What does the NAC do?

The NAC gives adults with Down syndrome a chance to talk about the issues that are important to them.

DSI listens to what they have to say.

The NAC want people in Ireland to know that adults with Down syndrome have the same rights as everyone else.


How does the National Advisory council work?

The National Advisory Council meets 10 times a year.

Every three years the NAC changes its members.


How can I get involved?

Adults with Down syndrome who are members of DSI can put their name forward to join the NAC.

All DSI members will get an update when a new NAC opens.

New members will be chosen from around Ireland.


Meet our National Advisory Council.