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Easter Ideas 

Are you looking for ideas around Easter time?

Have a look at this website recommended by Ross O’Neill, our Junior Administrator.

There are some great ideas for all the family. 

Floating Egg Experiment

Do you like science experiments? 

Do eggs float?

What happens if the water has salt in it? 

Watch this video to find out.

You could try this Floating Egg Science Experiment yourself.

Try this experiment.

You need a plate, Skittles, and water. 

You need some patience too!

The result can be beautiful.

Did it work for you? 

You can send a photo of your experiment to me at sinead@downsyndrome.ie


Practise your drawing skills. Follow this step-by-step guide to drawing a dog.

Do you like cooking?

Try this guide to making s’mores.

Share the s’mores with your family or friends.

Gibsons, A UK based jigsaw company have launched a range of jigsaws for adults using large easy to handle pieces. More information can be found on their website.

One Irish stockist is O’Mahony’s Bookshop in Limerick.

This is a puzzle for you to think about. Read the problem and see which animals went into the ark.

The Hunt Museum in Limerick have adult colouring books that show some of the artefacts in the museum. You can download the books here.

Dublin Zoo is closed to human visitors, but the animals are still inside. You can use the webcams here to see what the animals are doing.

Do you like birdwatching? Do you know the names of the birds that are landing in your garden?

You can find the names of birds here – If you click on the bird you can listen to its birdcall.

Colouring can be a nice way to relax. You can find colouring pages for adults here.

Famous Singers are staying at home too.

They are having concerts in their house and sharing them on the internet. You can watch Niall Horan and Chris Martin.

We can still travel and see the world from our computers. Use Google Earth to visit different places around the world.

Where will you go to first?

Can you find your house?

Would you like to make a jigsaw?

You can make jigsaws online here.

Would you like to visit a museum from your house?

Here is a look at The British Museum in London.