The Upside

Welcome to The Upside

The Upside is a lens of positivity that focuses on the benefits a more inclusive society brings to both people with Down syndrome and the country as a whole.

Featuring real people, real issues and facts, we will show the value that including people with Down syndrome brings to the economy, society and the spirit of communities and the nation as a whole.

However we know there is still a ways to go on our journey to inclusion.  So as well as showing the benefits for all when people with Down syndrome are included, we will also highlight the gaps and barriers still in place to achieving this goal while outlining the steps and actions that people can take.

The Upside is a website, a social media campaign, a resource, a celebration, a call to arms… a movement.

Using positivity and visibility we will drive conversations that are needed to be had in order to make Ireland more accessible and equitable for people with Down syndrome. We are setting out to shift mindsets, challenge stereotypes and show The Upside for all when people with Down syndrome are included in society in a meaningful way.


The Upside is a new campaign from Down Syndrome Ireland that shines a light on four key aspects of life for people with Down syndrome. These are health, education, employment and life in the community.


Read more about our campaign and the 60ft mural ‘Don’t Talk Down to Me’ by artist Joe Caslin featuring Amanda Butler. 


This year marks 50 years of the charity’s existence, an existence built upon campaigning, advocating, fundraising and celebrating the lives of people with Down syndrome

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