A Look at the Upside

The Upside campaign looks at the benefits to us all when people with Down syndrome are included in society in a meaningful way.

The benefits of inclusion are numerous, not only for people with Down syndrome and their families, but for all of society. That means you! An inclusive society is one that over-rides differences, ensures equality of opportunity and full participation by its members

We asked our members to highlight the value that including people with Down syndrome brings to the economy, society and the spirit of communities and the nation as a whole. 

Tell us something you would like everyone to know?

Thank you to our Down Syndrome Tipperary Branch members for sharing this excellent video with us, to help celebrate our 50th as part of TheUpSide campaign – in this video, our members showcase some of their dreams/goals they have set for their lives as adults in a more inclusive and accepting Ireland. Yes, we definitely think they CAN!

Twenty-five-year-old Paul Gallen is at the heart of his local GAA football club Naomh Colmcille CLG – Donegal – striving to be the best and improving his skill set, this amazing Donegal branch member gives us a glimpse into his shared experience with fellow teammates.

Tell us something you love to do?

Tell us what you like about your job?

Do you have any advice for people with Down syndrome who want a job?