DSI launches New Online Video Education Resources

A new dedicated section of online video resources for teachers and parents has just been launched, the videos highlight a number of key points regarding the various educational stages for children with Down syndrome.

The seminars were developed by three members of our Member Support Team – Nicola Hart (Head of Member Support); Olive Buckeridge (Early Years Specialist) and Fidelma Brady (Education Specialist) as a vital support for both parents and teachers at this most difficult time.

They cover the following topics on educational developmental needs:

  • Literacy & Numeracy at Primary School
  • In- Class Behaviour Management
  • Specific Learning Needs of the Student with Down Syndrome
  • Pathway through Junior Cycle
  • Managing the Transition from Primary to Post Primary School
  • Accessing the Curriculum – Differentiation of Work
  • Strategies and Supports for Children Transitioning to Mainstream Primary School
  • Language & Communication
  • Managing Vision & Hearing Issues
  • Introduction to Behaviour 
  • Mental Well Being 
  • Dual Diagnosis

Each of the above videos can be viewed for free on our Online Educational resource page. 

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